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Custom Cover Drops P40 (15 ML)

Custom Cover Drops P40 (15 ML)

Reg Price: $44

Our Price: $22

Description: WHAT IT IS: Custom Cover Drops P40. Size: 15 ml.

WHAT IT DOES: Create your ideal foundation or tinted moisturizer by mixing these revolutionary drops of pure pigment with your favorite liquid beauty products. These award winning, revolutionary drops of pure pigment were not designed to be worn alone but instead allow you to transform all of your favorite liquid beauty products into your ideal foundation or tinted moisturizer. With this breakthrough formula you can customize both your level of coverage and desired finish. What you choose to mix Custom Cover Drops with will determine your finish. For a radiant finish, add to products like oils, serums, or creams. For a matte finish, mix with a mattifying primer or lightweight lotion. The possibilities are endless! Then, simply adjust your coverage by the number of drops you add. * 1 Drop = Sheer Coverage * 2 Drops = Medium Coverages * 3 Drops = Full Coverage * 4 Drops = Extra Full Coverage


Suggested Usage: * For best results, prep your skin as you normally would with your usual skin care regimen and Primer application. This unique formula must be shaken well prior to use * Place your favorite beauty product into the palm of your hand * Drop in your desired number of Custom Cover Drops: one drop for sheer coverage, two drops for medium coverage, three drops for full coverage, and four drops for extra full coverage. * Mix together with your fingertips to transform into your ideal foundation * Apply as you would any foundation. For best results, we suggest using the Custom Blending Brush. It was designed for the seamless application of any level of coverage or finish created with Custom Cover Drops.

  • Please note, due to the presence of alcohol, this product cannot be shipped internationally

Brand: CoverFX

Origin: Italy

Custom Cover Drops P40 (15 ML) Details:

Color As Picture
Brands CoverFX

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